Aquarium Filters
Fri, 20 Dec 2013
Aquarium Filters

Aquarium Design India, the world s leading manufacturer of custom aquarium exhibits is proud to offer our industry leading Wet-Dry Trickle Filters and  Refugiums to discerning hobbyists and aquarium professionals.

 The Clear Choice Series of advanced aquarium filtration was initially designed and built exclusively for use on the award winning aquarium systems we design and manufacture. 
Our filters are hand built at our factory to withstand the rigors of continuous aquarium use and are adaptable to the industry s ever changing trends and carry a 1-year warranty.

 Our Wet-Dry filters come in Different sizes for aquariums from 55 gallons  to 400 gallons.
The benefits of the Aquarium Design India Clear Choice Wet-Dry Filter include:  

   1. Slide able/ Remove able Pre filter Tray: Dual drip tray with rinse able pre-filter pad

    2.Thick Wall Construction: 1/4" panels for increased durability, longevity and safety

    3.Super-Sized Sump: Increased volume and more equipment room

    4.Baffled Degassing Chamber: Virtually eliminates micro air bubbles

    5.Triple Bonded Edges: Produces the strongest bonds in the industry

    6.Adaptable Drain Intake Kit: Allows for dual overflow or multi tank installation

Clear Choice Refugiums and Sumps

Aquarium Design India, the world s leader in high end custom aquarium fabrication and supplies, is proud to release its new line of advanced filtration Refugiums and Sumps for the live reef enthusiast. 
Joining the company s already successful line of wet dry filtration units,

 Aquarium Design India Refugiums are built to withstand the rigors of continuous aquarium use and are adaptable to the industry s ever changing trends.

Spectrum of live reef filtration up to 300 gallons. Features of these units include:

1.Expanded sump area to accommodate large variety of pumps and high tech protein skimmers

2.The largest refugium/sand area in the industry providing expansive area for macro algae and invertebrate                   growth

3. Degassing vents to allow more air escape creating far less micro-bubbles than competing units

4. Black chamber walls inside the unit concentrate light where its needed and inhibit algae growth in unwanted  areas of the sump and baffle chamber

5. Clear chamber sump top with mounting lip for surface or above unit lighting.

   Backed by Aquarium Design India continued commitment to the highest quality product and a "no hassle" guarantee, 

Aquarium Design India refugiums provide aquarium retailers and enthusiasts alike with a new and better choice for advanced, natural filtration. 

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