Office Aquarium
Mon, 04 Nov 2013
Wonders of Office Aquarium

A growing trend in office design is the use of "living" materials. 

Atrium's with plants and water, live plants, and aquatic environments Why not?Living art for your work environment. More soothing than paintings or photos. More intelligible than piped-in music. 

A tropical saltwater, freshwater tank can calm nerves and lend a natural creative edge to the workplace. 
How can you enjoy the use of the same? Time to put your fish to work put em in this office aquarium, 
complete with desk, computer, lamp, chair and potted plant! After a tiring day looking at the smoggy cityscape or the hustling traffic, don't you feel like giving your eyes a break? 
Don t you think at times, even you need a break from everything and indulge in something you like? 
A pet can be a good option, but we re talking about something even better and more indulging. 

We are talking about owning a pet fish tank in your very own office. Don t you think it is an awesome way to give your senses a soothing break? An Office Aquarium brings peace and tranquility to your executive employee s offices. 

Imagine a cute little fishs or a couple of them, swimming right on your office table or on a stand in your drawing room. This kind of setup not just lifts up the overall mood of the room, but also looks aesthetically appealing. In addition, maintaining one or a couple of fish, is not exactly time consuming. 
Just give them fish food to nibble at regular intervals and they will be a treat to watch. If you are still not convinced, why not look at our rare collections to add that vibrant touch and feel to your office.

Aquarium Design India provides full aquarium maintenance & service anywhere in the Chennai area. Enjoy a beautiful freshwater, marine, or reef aquarium in your home or business completely hassle-free. 

Aquarium Design India will deliver and install your fish tank and equipment, stock the aquarium with the fish, plants, and other creatures of your choice, and provide full maintenance on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.

Aquarium Design India will set up a maintenance schedule at your best convenience. Our technicians are trained professionals in aquarium care and and will work to ensure the success of your tropical fish aquarium ecosystem.

Aquarium Design India promises a colorful and diverse aquarium display in your home or office that will provide hours of pleasure and beauty. We also guarantee peace of mind. We take care of everything! All you do is feed your fish and enjoy the view. And remember, "We put fish to work!"

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Mon, 10 Sep 2012

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